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WASH PC offers basic free diagnostics on desktop and notebook computers. This offer is for in-store service work only. Onsite services do not apply. This includes 24 hour hardware diagnostics.

This does not include printers, monitors, ipods, phones, or other computer parts and accessories.

Advanced diagnostics of $25.00 may be required if basic diagnostics does not show errors.

Laptops/ Notebook Computers

There is a 1 hour fee to disassemble a laptop/notebook computer and check for problems that cannot be detected with the case assembled. These can include the following:

  • Checking the power jack to see if it can be repaired or needs to be replaced.
  • Checking the CPU for damage.
  • Checking the CPU fan and heat sink assembly.
  • Checking motherboard for various problems such as liquid or heat damage.
  • Testing of LCD inverter, cables, florescent tubes or other parts in the monitor housing.

Advanced diagnostics fees as well as fees to disassemble a laptop will be credited back to the cost of the repair. For instance, if you need a laptop jack replacement, we will not charge for the advance diagnostics and the fee to replace the jack. If you decide not to have WASH PC preform the repair, the cost will then be 1 hour of labor. Please call our office if you need clarification on these fees. We will be happy to explain them to you.


WASH PC offers onsite services to all of the Tri-County Area.

If you are facing any computer trouble but are unable to visit our store, no problem. All you have to do is schedule an appointment with one of our computer experts and they’ll swing by your home for convenient on-location repair, upgrade installations and maintenance. Simply give us a call and our home computer repair experts will visit your property to fix your computer, at any convenient time.


Once your computer has been exposed to a malicious virus, it may produce a barrage of pop-ups ads, turn sluggish or crash, and delete data. The moment you realize your computer has been compromised, what was just an anxious moment can turn into hours, even days, of unnerving panic. Don’t let this happen to you!

Our team of experts are a leading provider of virus removal and data recovery services and are available when and where you need us. If you believe your computer has a virus, the sooner you contact WASH PC, the easier it will be to stop the infection and recover and protect your data.


A wireless network helps keep your home connected, but an unsecure connection can leave you prone to security problems. These problems can take time out of your busy schedule, and money out of your wallet. If you have a deadline looming, you cannot afford to work with an unsecure connection. Call WASH PC today to get your home wireless network set up!

Home Automation is the way devices and appliances can be networked together to provide us with seamless control over all aspects of your home and more. With home automation, you can dictate how a device should react, when it should react, and why it should react. Set a schedule to determine when you want devices to turn on and off. Based on your personal preference you can control time, money, and convenience.
New home automation technology can send alerts to your smartphone and notify you about unforeseen events while you’re away from home. Such as water leaks, visitors at your front your door, and even remotely turning on lights while you’re on vacation, at work, or anywhere else.